Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blending XNA with Blender - "Blender 2.57b & XNA 4.0 Part I"

XNA UK User Group - RandomChaos - Blender 2.57b & XNA 4.0 Part I

"I have been playing about with blender, I know Ed is a big fan of the XSI Soft Image tool, but I never really got on with it, mostly due to me not spending any quality with it. So, why Blender? Well, first off, it’s free! There are also loads of tutorials for it, loads on Youtube and the host site, has a tonne. The latest draft of Blender, 2.57b is a great improvement on the later versions, but like all the other modeling tools I have looked at it still helps if you know the keyboard short cuts to help navigate around the UI.

With this set of short posts I am hoping to introduce you to Blender 2.57b and how you can then get those objects exported and rendered in your XNA projects.



Another cool Blender introduction series, this one targeted at XNA dev's...


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