Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creating a Windows Sidebar gadget for a SQL Server Reporting Services Report walkthrough

SQL Server Forum Support Team - Walkthrough: Integrating your SQL Server Reporting Services report into Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget

"By default, after installing Window7 operation, there are many powerful and handy little tools in Sidebar Gadget, you can also download some customized Sidebar Gadget, such as: MSDN forum helper. Currently, we have some stock reports to show the real-time status of stock market, we also want to integrate SQL Reporting Services - stock report into window7’s Sidebar Gadget rather than open the IE all the time.

This article will walk you through the processes of integrating SQL Server Reporting Services into Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget.



Been a while since I've done either a SSRS or Sidebar post and since I'm considering using SSRS on a new project.

I can see some use cases/reports where something like this could be a serious "wow factor." Wouldn't use it much, but for mission critical, operational or exception reports I can see this being pretty handy. hum....

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