Thursday, May 05, 2011

HTML 4 to 5 Cheat sheet, see what's new and removed for Tags and Attributes. - HTML Cheat Sheet for Transition to HTML 5

"How To Code HTML, What's New and Obsolete HTML Tags and Attributes

A great quick reference for the transition from HTML 4 to HTML 5. Designed to help authors create polyglot HTML documents, this can also help in creating HTML 4 and XHTML documents, in addition to upgrading to HTML 5. Most HTML cheat sheets, usually based on the technical specifications for a specific version of HTML, show only the valid features in that version of the HTML specs. In contrast, this one helps developers transition from earlier versions of HTML by indicating new features in HTML 5 with a "New" flag and using a strike-through font to indicate the tags and attributes previously used in HTML 4, XHTML 1 and earlier versions that are now obsolete in HTML 5.

For a quick reference of HTML character entities, see the HTML character codes reference.

Required or recommended HTML attributes for the HTML tags are shown in bold.





Something about this format that I really liked. Simple, straight forward, informative and easy to grok...

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Anonymous said...

That overview is misleading at best. It describes the XHTML5 serialization, not the HTML5 version.

The nbsp character entity for example is still valid in text/html with a HTML5 doctype. And there is specifically no need for the closing slash in empty tags like BR and IMG. Including it is just trailing garbage, like in XHTML served with the wrong mime type.