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May 2011 VS/TFS 2010 VHD update - If you're playing with TFS, Project Templates, VS 2010, etc, etc, these VHD's are hard to beat...

Eran Ruso - Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server(TFS) 2010 Virtual Machine Was Just Released (May 2011)

"A new Virtual Machine was released for evaluation purpose.
The Virtual Machine is a preconfigured Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio with all the latest releases and patches.
What’s in this release?
The version of this virtual machine which was refreshed on May 12, 2011, and includes the following software:
  • Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Service Pack 1
  • Team Foundation Server 2010 Service Pack 1
  • Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2
  • Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools (September 2010 Release)
  • Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools (these are disabled in VS so that the screenshots of the hands-on-labs still match; you can quickly enable the Productivity Power Tools via Tools -> Extension Manager from within Visual Studio)
  • Test Scribe for Microsoft Test Manager
  • Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 Process Template
  • All Windows Updates through April, 2011
  • Minor fit-and-finish fixes based on customer feedback
  • A new expiration date of November 1, 2011

Download details pages:
· Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Hyper-V)
· Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Windows [7] Virtual PC)
· Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Virtual PC 2007 SP1)
Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 and Team Foundation Server® 2010 RTM virtual machine for Windows Virtual PC
Version: RTM
Date Published: 5/12/2011
This virtual machine is pre-configured with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. It is designed to provide an easy way to evaluate and learn the Visual Studio 2010 family of technologies. A set of hands-on-labs / demo scripts are also available and provided a guided experience through many of the new application lifecycle management capabilities of Visual Studio 2010.For more information on this release, along with instructions on how to use a download manager for more efficiently downloading the files required to use this virtual machine, please click here. This post also contains links to download this virtual machine for the virtualization platform of your choice (Hyper-V, Virtual PC 2007, or Windows Virtual PC).For more information on Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4 visit This virtual machine does not have anti-virus software installed. It should not be connected to any network until it has anti-virus software installed. In addition, the operating system and programs installed were patched with all updates through April, 2011. This virtual machine will stop working on November 1, 2011 [GD:Emphasis added], when the trial software expires. A new version of this virtual machine will be made available before this one expires.
As usual the VHD download is broken into chunks, 17 downloads for the VHD and two for the labs and docx.

If I can find the "want-to" I'll update this post with the direct download URLs later. In the past I've done it manually, viewing source for the three downloads, cutting, searching and replacing,. wash, rinse, repeat, to get down to the final URLs. That's gotten old (and is kind of lame done more than once). So now, if I find the want-to I'm going to code something up to do this. Shouldn't really be hard, just need that want-to (and some more coffee).  :P

Update 5/14/2011 @ 12:10PM PDT:
Got some coffee and found the "want-to" :)

Update 6/6/2011 @ 9:50AM PDT:
Using these downloads you might run into a drive space issue. Check out this post for more information, Optional update to the May 2011 Visual Studio VM's. If you're giving the VM more than 2 GB of RAM or need to put more stuff on the image, check this out...

Here's the direct download URL's for all three VHDs. Paste these into your downloader of choice...

Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Windows [7] Virtual PC) with the Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine.docx

Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Hyper-V) with the Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine.docx

Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Virtual PC 2007 SP1) with the Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine.docx

Here's the magic, i.e. how I parsed the download pages to come up with the above URLs. I KNOW there's a better way, but this works and was quick and easy...

Here's the Dev-rific UI;
The code behind is very simple;
Public Class MSDownloadParserForm

Private Sub ParseButton_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles ParseButton.Click
Dim mds As New MicrosoftDownloadParser
Me.ResultsTextBox.Text = mds.Parse(Me.URLTextBox.Text)
End Sub
End Class

The primary magic is via the awesome HTMLAgilityPack

Imports System.Text

Public Class MicrosoftDownloadParser
Public Function Parse(Url As String) As String
Dim htmWeb As New HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb

Dim htmDoc As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument = htmWeb.Load(Url)

Dim links As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNodeCollection = htmDoc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//a[@class='download-btn']")

Dim ls = New StringBuilder

For Each link As HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlNode In links
Dim directdownload = Uri.UnescapeDataString(link.OuterHtml.Substring(link.OuterHtml.IndexOf("u=") + 2, link.OuterHtml.IndexOf(" onclick=") - link.OuterHtml.IndexOf("u=") - 3))



Return ls.ToString

End Function
End Class

Like I said, quick and dirty but it got the job done and now generating direct download URLs for Microsoft Downloads will be painfully simple... :)

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