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Windows Phone 7 Design/UI Cheat Sheet - One sheet, lots of shared knowledge...

Nordkapp - Windows Phone 7 for Designers — Cheat Sheet



here’s a little something helpful for all you interaction designers out there — Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet!

We did it here at Nordkapp to help us design some of our recent WP7 projects. It’s somewhat ashamedly based on Microsoft’s Design Guideline document(s). We’ve dug out only the important bits, added some other comments and highlighted the parts that might come as a surprise of existing Symbian, iOS or Android designers and developers.


How to use the Cheat Sheet

One recommended use for the document is to just print it out on an A3 and start marking what kinds of screens your application will have. While doing this, you’ll soon find more screens to design that you hadn’t even considered before. Once you find your screens, you’ll find most important things regarding that screen type highlighted as bullet points right next to them, and you can start designing without reading a 100 page PDFs and trying to find that info there. Although, at some point, you’ll want to read those documents as well. Once you’ve read them, this Cheat Sheet will also act as quick reference point and design deliverables planner.

Go at it!

Download the Cheat Sheet

Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet (PNG 2.3Mb) A3
Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet (PSD 4.6MB) A3
Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet (PDF 29.5MB) A3

..." [GD: Click through for the download links...]

I like how this condenses so much into such as small package [insert quip; If a picture is worth a thousand words then all these pictures must be worth a million or so...].



(via wpcentral - Windows Phone designer cheat sheet [Developers])

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