Tuesday, June 07, 2011

DevExpress gives 7 for 7 - 7 Webinars for Windows Phone 7

DevExpress - Free Windows Phone 7 Development Webinars

“Watch - Learn - Apply: Master Windows Phone 7 Application Development

DevExpress.com is proud to announce a free seven part webinar series on Windows Phone 7 development. Presented by Chris Williams - XNA MVP - these webinars explore the Windows Phone 7 platform in detail and offer practical insights into the mobile development options offered by Microsoft. WP7 webinar topics include:

Date Title
09-Jun-2011 An Introduction to WP7 Development with Silverlight and XNA
16-Jun-2011 A Deeper Dive Into XNA on Windows Phone 7
23-Jun-2011 A Deeper Dive Into Silverlight on Windows Phone 7
30-Jun-2011 Building a Scrolling Tile Engine with XNA on Windows Phone 7
07-Jul-2011 Building a pathfinding system using waypoints with XNA on WP7
14-Jul-2011 Using the Push Notifications Service in your Windows Phone 7 apps or games
21-Jul-2011 Making Money From Free Windows Phone 7 Apps with the Microsoft Ad SDK


Got to love free training… :)

Sure it’s a means for DevExpress to increase the visibility in their other DevExpress product focused Webinars, but hey, what do you want for free, your money back? It’s a low key and non-intrusive approach, so no blood, no foul.

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