Monday, June 13, 2011

Five little known files to help improve your web site

Six Revisions - 5 Little-Known Web Files That Can Enhance Your Website

"Previously, I wrote about 5 web files that will improve your website and discussed files that, while small in size, pack a solid punch and make our work that little bit better. In this article, we’ll look at five more web files that can improve and your website.

Quick Overview

Here are the files we will cover:

  • P3P.xml – for user privacy
  • Geo.kml (and Geo.rdf) – for geolocation
  • Humans.txt – for attribution
  • vCard.vcf – digital business card
  • PICS.rdf – declares a website to be safe (or not safe) for young web users


Not being a web guy, most of these were new to me (all but the vcf for that matter). As a Blogger blogger I'm not sure I can use these easily, but I still thought they were pretty interesting.

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