Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Official boat-load, as in supertanker, sized OpenXML content list (Insert "One OpenXML content list to rule them all" here) - New list of Open XML content now available

"There is a whole lot of content (articles, screen-casts, and blog posts) on Open XML. Over the last couple of months, I have been making a list of as much Open XML content as I can find. I have found and categorized some 380 pieces of content, and organized them by keyword and author. Keywords (and author names) in the content list are hyperlinks, so it is easy to navigate around and, for instance, look at the list of Open XML content that pertains to SharePoint, or all of the content associated with content controls. I have made this list so it is very easy to maintain, so if you are an author of some good Open XML content, please drop me an email (eric at and I'll be happy to include it in the list. And of course, as I discover (or write) new content, I'll be adding it to the list. If you need to find an article or screen-cast that explains how to accomplish some particular task, this should be the first place you start. Click on the following link to see the content list. This link will remain the same as I update the list, so feel free to bookmark it.

Open XML Content List

The way that I created this list (and keep it updated) is interesting in and of itself. I'm maintaining this list as a table in an Open XML spreadsheet. I used the code that I presented in the post on Using LINQ to Query Excel Tables. I didn't have to modify that code at all to make it work with my table in my worksheet. Then, I wrote some LINQ code to transform the results of the query into HTML tables, with all appropriate links in the right place, and so on. To update the pages in the wiki on, I need to simply paste two sets of generated HTML code into two pages in the wiki.

I'll be writing an article on the approach I took (published here on of course).

..." - Open XML Content List


We're talking one massive list... 126 printed page long list. Meaning pretty much if you're looking for OpenXML information, start here.

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