Friday, June 24, 2011

Tag, you're it! Visual Studio File Tagging Extension (Think alternate/supplemental way to organize your files)

Visual Studio Gallery - VsTagExplorer

"Don’t you just hate that you have to view the files in your solution the Visual Studio way? Now you can you start viewing your files in a much more
useful way! Start tagging your files in few easy steps!

Right click in your solution explorer, set the tags for each file, and then start navigating by tags from the Tag Explorer! (go to view -> other windows -> tag explorer)


CodePlex - Visual Studio Tags

A Visual Studio extension for tagging your source code files, and then explore your files using the tags.



I've thinking about writing this up in more detail on a future C4F Blog post, but there's stuff in front and thought this kind of cool, so in the mean time... :P

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