Saturday, June 04, 2011

Windows Phone Game Bootcamp (Free, on-demand version)

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What is it?

This App and Gaming Bootcamp is an 8 hour event where you’ll learn about Windows Phone, learn how to build applications and learn how to build games. We’ll cover everything from location awareness (the GPS) through graphics design and animation; we’ll even cover topics like physics and cloud services.

This event will offer a mix of presentations, demos, labs and interactive sessions where you can follow along with the instructor. At the end of the day you’ll have a working basketball game, and we’ll even help first 50 people who are serious about selling in the marketplace get started for free (a $99 value). Even if you’re not ready to get started right away, we’ll show you how to kick off a new mobile business with free ultimate versions of almost all Microsoft products for the next three years.

What do I need?

If you’d simply like to watch the presentations and demos all you really need is Live Meeting. If you’d like to participate in the interactive sessions or complete any of the labs you’ll also need the following:

Important Note: If you plan to participate in the interactive sessions we recommended you join the meeting from a dual screen machine or join the meeting on a separate computer from where your dev tools are installed.



3:12 hours of WP7 gaming dev goodness, on-demand.

(via Windows Phone Geek - FREE Window Phone Gaming Bootcamp Online)

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