Monday, July 11, 2011

A 2012 Survival Guide from How Stuff Works (Nonsense, but being prepared isn’t)

howstuffworks - Apocalypse Now? A 2012 Survival Guide

“Sure, we'll all have a good laugh about this 2012 nonsense come January 2013, but first we'll have to brave an entire year of nonstop doom and gloom from pseudoscientists, would-be prophets and outright quacks. That means going to bed every night and asking yourself, "What if the world actually does end tomorrow like Nostradamus sorta-kinda said it would?"

Face it: You're better off going into 2012 prepared. That means knowing the year's top 10 apocalypse threats like the back of your hand and packing a survival kit to handle any eventuality. We're happy to help with that.

In the pages ahead, we'll run through 10 of the apocalyptic boogeymen facing us in 2012, as well as a few recommendations from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to keep you one step ahead when the end is nigh…

  • Mayan Mayhem
  • Enraptured!
  • Web Bot Psychics
  • Accidental World-eating Black Holes
  • Planet X'd in the Face
  • The Fifth World Order
  • Total Geomagnetic Reversal
  • I Ching, You Apocalypsed
  • Solar Flare for the Dramatic
  • And They All Lived Happypocalypse Every After
  • Lots More Information


Most of this is silly, but like I said in the title, being prepared for disasters isn’t. If “2012” is what it takes to get you started preparing, then mission accomplished...

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