Sunday, July 17, 2011

From design to delivery, a WP7 application development story - PinCodeKeeper

breathing tech - PinCodeKeeper WP7 App – from Zero to Marketplace

"Upon request I have created a light weight Windows Phone 7 application and published it to marketplace. The app is called PinCodeKeeper and it’s purpose is to store and keep your pin codes in scrambled images so that you in a safe and quick way can see your pin codes.

During the process of developing and publishing the WP7 app I have written some articles explaining each steps from the very beginning and till the app was published.

The PinCodeKeeper app is available on Windows Phone Marketplace in English and German. You can download it by clicking the image below or follow this link:

Below you find links to all articles written about the PinCodeKeeper app and it will take you on a journey from zero to marketplace.

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I've been following along and have enjoyed the telling of this story...

(via DZone - PinCodeKeeper WP7 App – from Zero to Marketplace)

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