Monday, July 18, 2011

LINQ to XlsX... Using VB.Net, LINQ, the OpenXML SDK and a little C# helper, to query an Excel XlsX

OpenXML Developer - Query Open XML Spreadsheets in VB.NET using LINQ

"When working with SpreadsheetML, one of the most common needs is to retrieve the data from a worksheet or a table in as easy a fashion as possible. There has been a fair amount written for C# developers to do this, but not nearly as much for VB.NET. Some time ago, I wrote a blog post, Using LINQ to Query Excel Tables, which introduced a few C# classes and extension methods that make it easy to query SpreadsheetML. This post presents a super-easy way to use that code from VB.NET.

To make it as easy as possible to get going using LINQ with VB to access SpreadsheetML, I've recorded the following screen-cast that walks through the process of building a VB.NET application that uses the code from that blog post. Here is the video:






Nice example code and video that I've not seen elsewhere...

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