Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adding custom folders to your SSMS Object Explorer with this free addin...

SQL Treeo - Download free SSMS Add-In to create custom folders for database objects


I observed that I search for object in two ways:

  • I know full or part object’s name – I use free Red Gate’s SQL Search Add-In (unfortunately, I have issue with integrating it with my add-in now). To make long story short, you can find any object very quickly with this add-in.
  • I can’t remember any part of object’s name – I was lost at this point and doomed to browsing for object in standard e.g. Stored procedure node.

Second of mentioned points was the key driver to develop this add-in for me. I’ve even found similar commercial solution (for $65) but it supports only one level hierarchy. I employed SQL object schemas for emulating one level hierarchy before and it was simply not enough for me.

My Add-in currently supports following:

  • Create custom folders in SSMS’s object explorer using drag&drop. It works for databases, stored procedures, functions, views and tables
  • Ctrl+click on object will bring ALTER script
  • Perform bulk operations in explorer-style management dialog – I did that because while I was refactoring and re-foldering more objects, drag&drop was not enough

See this short video or following screenshot to find how it works:



Short Summary

"SQL Treeo is FREE add-in which can be installed in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and enables user to create custom folders for databases, stored procedures, tables, views and user defined functions. It brings best value to SQL professionals who deals with tens, hundreds or thousands of SQL objects on daily basis. Read full story on my blog.

SQL Treeo enables users to create custom folders for databases, stored procedures, views, functions and tables. You can organize your SQL objects in logical modules which are aligned with your project structure and forget of having hundreds of them within one Management Studio node.

Full list of features

  • Create custom folders for databases, stored procedures, user-defined functions, table and views
  • Drag&Drop objects in folders
  • Management interface for bulk folder operations
  • Ctrl+click to ALTER sql object
  • Seamless sharing with other team members
  • Bulk folders creation (using e.g. nhibernate)


Nice... And the prefect price point too.

(via Cup(Of T) - Custom Folders in SQL Server Management Studio)

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