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Private Cloud Architecture Blog - Welcome to the Private Cloud Solutions Hub

"Hey Private Cloud Architecture fans, I’ve got some great news – the Private Cloud Solutions Hub is now live and ready for you to check it out. Our goal for the Private Cloud Solutions Hub is to give you one place where you can find all the private cloud architectural information you need to optimize your private cloud deployments.

Since the Private Cloud Solutions Hub is new, I’d like to walk you through the sections of the site and describe what they are and what we have in mind. I also would like to ask you to think about our plans and what we’ve done and then let us know if there is anything you think we should add, remove, improve, or change.


The Private Cloud Architecture library is the place where you’ll find the majority of our content. The library “stacks” are represented by seven tabs:

  • Getting Started – The Getting Started tab contains content aimed at getting your started with private cloud and private cloud architecture. There are several overview articles that help you understand the private cloud landscape and introduce you to the terminology, concepts and goals of private cloud. If you’re new to private cloud, then start with these articles.
  • Architecture – The Architecture tab contains a number of articles that will inform you about key architecture concepts and requirements for a well designed private cloud solution. Examples of content you’ll find here are “Private Cloud Architectural Principles, Patterns and Concepts” and “Private Cloud Planning Guide for Infrastructure as a Service”. This architectural content will give you a firm understanding of the architectural underpinnings of a successful private cloud deployment and will benefit just about anyone interested in private cloud.
  • IaaS – The IaaS tab focuses on the Infrastructure as a Service cloud service delivery model. After you learn about private cloud architecture, you’re then ready to understand what it takes to build out a well designed Infrastructure as a Service solution. Examples of content you’ll find here include “IaaS: Service Delivery Modes” and “IaaS: Physical Platform”. IaaS is the foundation of all private cloud deployments and so it’s critical that you have a firm grounding in IaaS – the information on this tab will help you get there.
  • Security – The Security tab includes information about security considerations for the private cloud. Security is a cross-cutting issue that injects itself into all architectural components of a private cloud solution. Examples of information you’ll find in this section include “Security in the Private Cloud” and “Identity and Access Management in the Cloud”. While private cloud shares many of the security requirements found in a traditional datacenter, there are some things that are specific to private cloud so you’ll want to make sure you have a good foundation in private cloud security so that your private cloud can be even more secure than your current LAN based datacenter.
  • Management – The Management tab contains information that you’ll need to know about to manage an efficient private cloud deployment. Examples of information you’ll find here include “Managing the Private Cloud” and “Monitoring Datacenter Environments Overview”. The ability to manage a potentially complex private cloud infrastructure is crucial and the information in this section is targeted at helping your manage that complexity.
  • Infrastructure – The Infrastructure tab contains material that will help you understanding the physical infrastructure that supports your private cloud. Examples of content you’ll find here include “Core Server Infrastructure” and “Network Architecture for Private Cloud”. You’ve got to have a good handle on the physical infrastructure required for private cloud before you begin your plans to build one out.
  • Service Management – The Service Management tab includes articles and other types of content that focuses on managing the services you provide through your private cloud. Service delivery is a core tenet of private cloud and so this content is especially topical, since you’ll be changing your mindset from a focus on infrastructure and operations (and keeping the lights on) to one of a service provider. Examples of content you’ll find in this section include “Service Catalog Management for the Cloud” and “Capacity Management for the Cloud”

So those are the “stacks” we have in the private cloud architecture library right now. I should clear that at this time our primary focus is on private cloud architecture. There are a number of reasons for that, but the most important reason is that you need to have a firm grounding in the architectural underpinnings of private cloud before you even think about building out a production private cloud deployment. It would be like building houses and office buildings in your city without a building code.


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