Wednesday, October 05, 2011

.Net Micro Framework v4.2 RTW's (Think "VB.Net + lots of community development effort results" version)

.NET Micro Framework - Version 4.2 RTM Today!! (Updated)

"We are glad to announce today the RTM of the .NET Micro Framework version 4.2. You can download the SDK and PK as well as the all sources from our Codeplex project, client_v4_2 branch, at change number 13620. (We will be distributing 4.2 solely through the Codeplex site this time and not on

Version 4.2 of the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit provides the following new features:

  • Remote Firmware Update: The .NET Micro Framework SDK and PK now support updating your device firmware remotely.
  • Complete Cryptographic Object Model over PCKS #11: Most types and algorithms used in the desktop framework are now supported. PKCS #11 allows extensibility at the firmware level for adding new cryptographic tokens.
  • 1-Wire, PWM and A/D object model: Support for PWM and A/D operations is now provided as a standard interface. 1-Wire is provided through a community development effort
  • SNTP and FTP (client and server): Support for SNTP and FTP is provided as a community development effort.
  • StringBuilder and Regex types: Support for StringBuilder and Regex is provided as a community development effort.
  • Transcendental functions for doubles in System.Math
  • VB.NET: The SDK now support VB.NET.
  • Support for Cortex M3 devices with STM32 processor family samples:


Kudo's to the team for getting this out the door. I dig how much community development effort was included in this release...


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