Monday, October 03, 2011

PS'ing your MSBuild with the InvokePowerShellCommand Community TFS Build Extension

Community TFS Build Extensions - How to integrate the InvokePowerShellCommand build activity

"The InvokePowerShellCommand activity can be used to run the PowerShell commands or script files within a build without using then generic InvokeProcess activity to run the PowerShell interpreter. In this example we aim to show the basic steps that are required to get the activity integrated into a build.

Before you can make use of any of the TFS 2010 community build activities you have to make sure they are available for the build system and on your development PC. Instructions for this process can be found in the ALM Rangers build guide or in the StyleCop page of this wiki. This page assumes the InvokePowerShellCommand activity is available in the developers build process workflow toolbox.

Using the activity with an inline script


Using the activity with an .PS1 file from source control



This looks like a cool way of extending, customizing, etc, your Build process. I mean, it's PowerShell! :)

(via But it works on my PC! - Documentation for the PowerShell activity in the TFS Community Build Extensions published )

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