Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Windows PowerShell ISE add-ons, links, info and a bit more

TechNet Articles - Windows PowerShell ISE Add-On Tools

"Table of Contents

  • Overview of PowerShell ISE Add-On
  • PowerShell ISE Add-Ons
  • PoshCode CmdLets
  • Communities
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • User Groups
  • Script Repositories

This page holds details of additional PowerShell ISE tools you can download and add into PowerShell ISE.

Overview of PowerShell ISE Add-On

Overview material with links and descriptions. What sub-sections do we need?

How to write an ISE add on. Pointers to existing documentation on Library or community resources.

PowerShell ISE Add-Ons

Pointers to Microsoft and community add-ons with description and related material.



Found this and found a number of PowerShell ISE add-ins and other PowerShell info and stuff that I'd not seen before. And you know me, I'm just a sucker for extensible apps/products... lol :)

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