Saturday, November 12, 2011

Interactive, free and just plain cool, .Net Tutorial

Motti Shaked - .NET Tutorial

This is a free interactive .NET tutorial, delivered by a patent pending interactive delivery platform. The tutorial discusses in detail the essentials of the .NET Framework. While the tutorial teaches .NET through C#, the main focus is on .NET rather than C#, so any .NET developer can benefit from the tutorial.

The tutorial and the delivery platform are currently in beta trial. Comments and suggestions welcome!




I came across this Tutorial yesterday and was seriously wow'd by it. The wow was the platform itself, written by Motti Shaked, it's one of the cooler training CBT platforms I've seen. It's smooth, easy and so very, very "clicky." You have to check it out, and interact with it (i.e. click stuff), to see what I mean. While you can passively just watch it, this is not a plain jane boring video. This is a truly interactive learning platform.

Oh yeah, and the free .Net content is pretty cool too... :)

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