Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Local Account Management PowerShell Module (with C# Source)

TechNet Script Center - Local Account Management Module



This module allows managing local groups and user accounts, local group membership and some other useful tasks. It is based on the ADSI interface and some classes written in C# that are also attached.

All cmdlets support the pipeline so that also complex tasks are very easy to do. Some samples are below.


LocalAccount 1.0 C# Solution: LocalAccount

Security2 1.2 C# Solution: Security2


The module provides the following script cmdlets:

  • Add-LocalGroupMembership
  • Disable-LocalUser
  • Enable-LocalUser
  • Get-LocalGroup
  • Get-LocalGroupMembership
  • Get-LocalUser
  • New-LocalGroup
  • New-LocalUser
  • Remove-LocalGroup
  • Remove-LocalGroupMembership
  • Remove-LocalUser
  • Set-LocalUser


We're playing some local management "fun and games" at my day job, so this caught my eye and something that might come in handy. But I think best of all was that the C# source was provided, so we not only get the binary goodness, but the source to learn how to fish with too... :)

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