Friday, November 11, 2011

Military 2 Microsoft - Map your Branch and MOS to open positions with Microsoft

Military 2 Microsoft

Translate your experience to Microsoft by selecting your branch, and entering your military occupational code.

Sifting through 5000 jobs on our website, or any job board, is a daunting task for anyone. We get it. Our Military Job Decoder will link you directly to open jobs that we think will best leverage your military specialty. We know it's not perfect and we will keep working to improve it with your help.




While my old MOS isn't listed (cough... it's only been 20 years since I left the Army, so I don't see why... LOL ) looks like most are and there's open positions for many. Yes, there's even 104 open positions for 11B's at Microsoft...

(via Dr. Z's Blog - Microsoft Recruits Veterans through the Military 2 Microsoft Program)

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