Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23 skins and counting with v1.1 of the Windows Phone 7.1(5) Emulator Skin Switcher

Geert van der Cruijsen - WP7 Emulator Skin Switcher v1.1 released – now containing 23 skins (Nokia, Samsung, HTC and more)

After the first release of my skin switcher last week I got replies from a lot of people asking for more skins of Samsung, HTC and other devices. I tried to get in contact with all the skin creators out there who had published a skin to ask if I could add it to the application. Luckily all said yes so I’ve included a lot of new skins. I also used my spare time in this holiday season to create some new skins that I couldn’t find online yet.

Version 1.1 contains a total of 23 emulator skins from popular devices as the HTC Titan, HTC Radar, HTC Trophy, HTC Mozart, HTC HD7, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Omnia W, Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung Focus, Fujitsu IS12T in green and black, ZTE Tania, Nokia Lumia 710 and the Nokia Lumia 800.



I still say this needs a repository (say NuGet powered) and I still wish the source were available. That said, I still think this is pretty cool... Sometimes you just need to dress up your emulator, you know? :)


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