Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I've got my XBox Live Avatar, right here.... on my T-Shirt!

cafepress - xbox

Order your Avatar on t-shirts & gear (what a score!)

Bring your Xbox LIVE® Avatar to life & share it with people in the "real" world. When you're sporting your own fun Avatar on gear, who knows who you'll bump into (and be recognized by — because of your Avatar!). It's easy to make yours, just pick from the many poses. Then order your stylin' Avatar on t-shirts, drinkware and more.


So of course I have to check it out. I'm a little bummed my accessory doesn't appear (which is a WP7 device... lol )



Also it would have been nice to allow for a different background or something.

Still I think this is kind of cool. Now to get off my cheap butt and actually buy one... :P

(via The Road to Know Where - Get Your Custom Xbox Avatar T-Shirt Here!)

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