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Embedding a Firebird database in your .Net Project

Nazmi Altun's Blog - Using Embedded Firebird Database In .Net Projects


This post will show an example of using an embedded firebird database in .NET/C# projects.

What is FireBird?

From its official web-site( , Firebird is a powerful, open-source relational database system, with high performance and extensive support for powerful SQL features with close adherence to the SQL standards. Whether you're developing a small program or a large enterprise information system, Firebird is the database for you. Take a look at the Case Studies to get an impression of other people using Firebird.

So, firebird is a database system that has stored procedure and trigger functionality. It also be used as server database or embedded database. This post will be about using embedded Firebird database in your .NET application.

Creating Database Tables

Since this is just a sample that show basic things , we will create a small student-classroom system. Each class has students and user will add students under each class.



In this sample , we create a Windows Forms applications. Since , .NET doesn’t have Firebird data provider , we need to download it from Firebirds web-site. Here’s link

After we download it, we add FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient .dll as reference in our project. For embedded usage of firebird database we also need to download some dll files and add our project.


Firebird Data Access Application Block

For simplifying and optimizing , database access codes we use Data Access Application Block.

Data Access Application Block for FireBird can be downloaded from here



It's been a few years since I've blogged about Firebird and this post looks like a good one too break that silence...


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Asava Samuel said...


I haven't used it, but Kellerman Software has a LINQ provider for Firebird

Raymond Kelly said...

Firebird is a highly effective, open-source relational data resource system, with powerful and comprehensive assistance for highly effective SQL functions with near sticking to the SQL standards.