Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Five Online Education Resources (from colleges you may recognize)

amazedsaint's #tech journal - 5 Awesome Learning Resources For Programmers (To help you and your kids to grow the geek neurons)

Happy New Year, this is my first post in 2012. I’ll be sharing few awesome learning resources I’ve bookmarked, and will be pointing out some specific computer/programming related courses I've found interesting from these resources.

Also, thought about saving this blog post for my kids as well - instead of investing in these Child education schemes (though they are too small as of today, 2 years and 60 days respectively). Anyway, personally my new year resolution is to see as much videos from this course collections (assuming I can find some free time in between my regular job && changing my babies diapers).

1 – Khan Academy

2 – MIT Open Courseware and Videos

3 – Stanford Engineering Courses

4 – Stanford Free Online Courses

5 – University of California



If learning something new is your resolution then these five sites might help remove one barrier to entry...


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