Thursday, January 26, 2012

MetroSky - End to end Windows Phone 7 SkyDrive sample code and app

Microsoft Developer Network - MetroSky - A Complete SkyDrive Sample for Windows Phone


This is a “Realworld-Sample” showing, how to implement a complete application to manage and view your files on SkyDrive, using the current version of the Live SDK 5.0 and the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.



This application was published on Windows Phone Marketplace, just a few days ago, and allows the following operations on SkyDrive:

Manage your SkyDrive files in a effective, fast and simple manner:

    • Browse your files
    • Navigate folders
    • Delete files
    • Move files
    • Copy files
    • Browse your pictures
    • Take pictures and upload them to your albums
    • Copy pictures from your Windows Phone to SkyDrive
    • Edit Word and Excel files


    Some more interesting Live SDK/SkyDrive related code to check out. This seems like one of the more complete samples I've run across...

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