Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eight ways to "bug" your developers...

Maurits thinks aloud - Bug reporting: 8 ways to annoy your software development team

"As usual this blog post should be read with a large grain of salt. It is a collection of bad practices I have seen during many software development projects. There are positive exceptions. For example when the testers are part of the development team and the whole team is committed to delivering valuable software instead of two opposite parties trying to fight each other. Having said that, the ugly situation mostly happens in fixed-price contracts where the bug versus feature discussion often takes place.

Disclaimer: all the examples are made up. Any resemblance with bug reports from projects I did are pure coincidence



This list made me laugh and cry. I think my "favorite" is #4, though #6 & #8 are close to the top... If you've been developing for any length of time (say more than 15.74 minutes) you've seen all eight of these.

But I'll tell you what's worse, it's when you get one of these eight comes from another developer. Those make me want to reach through my screen and [insert description of physical violence and loud profanity here].

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