Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LightSwitching to StackOverflow's OData data

Alessandro Del Sole's Blog - LightSwitch: reading threads from StackOverflow with OData

"As you might know, one of the most important new features in the next version of Visual Studio LightSwitch, currently in beta, is the support for OData.

You can read some post from Beth Massi about this topic, today I'm just showing a different usage.

OData is an open protocol based on WCF Data Services and allows managing data sets through services. If you visit the Ecosystem page of the OData portal, you can find a list of public services from 3rd party producers, including the well-known StackOverflow web site, which offers a very popular forum platform.

Imagine you want to read your favorite threads from StackOverflow inside a LightSwitch application. After creating the project, the first thing you want to do is connecting to an external data source such as OData:




That's got me thinking I really need to take another look at the latest version of LightSwitch...


John said...

What's StakeOverflow?

Greg said...

Doh! Fixed. Thanks