Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Have Win8 and a high resolution screen? Want to tweak the number of tiles per row on the Start Screen tile? Here's how...

The Windows Club - Change the Number of App Tile Rows In Windows 8 Start Screen

"The Windows 8 Start Screen displays a set number of tiles, arranged in rows. If you want to increase or decrease the number of rows of app tiles that are displayed on your Start screen, this article may interest you.

By default, Windows 8 recognizes the screen resolution of your computer and then accordingly displays the app tiles in rows, as it thinks fit. For example, if you have a computer running Windows 8, with a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels, the Start Screen will have Metro apps displayed in four rows.

If you are working on a computer with a high screen resolution, like say 1920×1080 pixels in the above image, then Windows 8 Metro apps will be pinned to the Start Screen in five rows. In short, the number of row of apps that appear in Windows 8 start screen, is completely dependent on the resolution settings. If you increase the screen resolution of the display by a margin, you will be able to display more rows. If you decrease it, lesser rows will be visible in the Start Screen of Windows 8.



I'm sure we'll be seeing tons of these kinds of tweaks in the coming decade, but still... Given this is Group Policy hacking I'm sure there's an easier way just waiting to be written. So in short, let the writing of the Next Gen TweakUI's begin!

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