Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Introducing the fourth('ish) Windows 8 SKU, Windows 8 Enterprise

Windows for your Business Blog - Introducing Windows 8 Enterprise and Enhanced Software Assurance for Today’s Modern Workforce

"Last month we talked about how Windows 8 is Windows reimagined for our business customers and earlier this week we shared information on the Windows 8 editions we’ll be making available to customers when Windows 8 becomes generally available. I wanted to take this opportunity today to also talk about what the Windows 8 Enterprise edition will offer customers when it becomes available and how the Software Assurance benefits are changing to better meet our customers’ needs.

Introducing Windows 8 Enterprise

Windows 8 Enterprise features include all the capabilities that customers get with Windows 8 Pro (as outlined in Monday’s blog), plus premium features designed to provide the mobile productivity, security, manageability and virtualization needs of today’s businesses. Here’s an overview of some of the key features that will be available exclusively to Windows 8 Enterprise customers (and note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Windows To Go 
  • DirectAccess
  • BranchCache
  • AppLocker 
  • VDI enhancements:
  • New Windows 8 App Deployment:



I think most of this makes some good sense in the SKU. The only thing is that I wish Windows To Go were available in Pro as I think "Pro's" could use that as they venture around, doing there, well, Pro, stuff...

Also I kind of wish MDOP were just wrapped into Win8 Enterprise, but I also can see how that's also something needed to keep some tangible value in SA.


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And there were three... Three'ish Windows 8 Editions (and "Windows 8" is the official name too) Yes, only three, well four actually, Win8 SKU's...

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