Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clippy is back! (kind of...) Add Clippy to your web site today with Clippy.JS


"Add Clippy or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia. Our research shows that people love two things: failed Microsoft technologies and obscure Javascript libraries. Naturally, we decided to combine the two.

Clippy.js is a full Javascript implementation of Microsoft Agent (AKA Clippy and friends), ready to be embedded in any website. Pick an assistant below and mash some animation buttons! Our favorite is Links the cat.




During lunch a few weeks ago we thought it would be cool to have a fully functional Clippy that can be embedded in any website. We fiddled around with it and we had an unexpected amount of fun laughing at Clippy and his antics.

We started thinking about the developers' state of mind when they created Clippy. Did they think it would really help people? It seems that Microsoft really believed that Assistants were the way of the future.

We built Clippy.js over the weekend to share that fun and whimsy with everyone, and to remind people to try new and risky things, even when they seem silly


Come on, you know you want to add Clippy or Merlin or Rover to your website, admit it! :)

Besides clippy.js, make sure you check out this page too. This page is all HTML, yet feels so very Word like. Cool on top of cool... LOL

(The Morning Brew - The Morning Brew #1116)

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