Friday, May 25, 2012

LINQ Koans - Learn LINQ by doing LINQ

CodePlex - LINQ_Koans

Koans allow you to 'try out' aspects of a language while working in the language. In these koans, you just download the project, unzip it and open it in VS2010. Work with source the files in the following order:

1) LinqSynax.cs

2) LinqLambdaSyntax.cs

3) ExtendedLinqLamdbaSyntax.cs

As you change the blank (variable) to the correct answer and get the tests to pass, be sure to ask yourself after you get a green bar for each method, 'What did I just learn?'

This is a pretty cool means to learn LINQ by doing. Based on Unit Tests, you scroll down the class, "fixing" each test by replacing the "____" with the correct value.



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