Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NuGet 2 2 U - NuGet v2.0 Released

NuGet blog - NuGet 2.0 Released

We’re happy to announce that we released NuGet 2.0 on 6/19/2012. This release includes support for grouping dependencies, tools and content by the target framework of the project. Additionally, we’ve dramatically improved the performance of tab completion in the package management console.

Package restore consent is now active

As described in an earlier post on package restore consent, NuGet 2.0 will now require that consent be given to enable package restore to go online to download packages. Please ensure that you have provided consent via either the package manager configuration dialog or the EnableNuGetPackageRestore environment variable.

More details on NuGet 2.0 can be found on the release notes. Finally, NuGet 2.0 fixed several bugs. For a full list of work items fixed in NuGet 2.0, please view the NuGet Issue Tracker for this release.

NuGet Docs - NuGet 2.0 Release Notes

Known Installation Issue

If you are running VS 2010 SP1, you might run into an installation error when attempting to upgrade NuGet if you have an older version installed.

The workaround is to simply uninstall NuGet and then install it from the VS Extension Gallery. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2581019 for more information, or to go directly to the VS hotfix.

Note: If Visual Studio won't allow you to uninstall the extension (the Uninstall button is disabled), then you likely need to restart Visual Studio using "Run as Administrator."

Group dependencies by target frameworks

Starting with version 2.0, package dependencies can vary based on the framework profile of the target project.


Grouping content files and PowerShell scripts by target framework

In addition to assembly references, content files and PowerShell scripts can also be grouped by target framework.

Improved tab completion performance

The tab completion feature in the NuGet Package Manager Console has been updated to significantly improve performance. There will be much less delay from the time the tab key is pressed until the suggestion dropdown appears.

Bug Fixes

NuGet 2.0 includes many bug fixes with an emphasis on package restore consent and performance

New nugets are always tasteful! :)

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