Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 in 6... Getting up to speed on developing for Windows 8 in 6 weeks, with this plan and a whole bunch of links

Microsoft UK Faculty Connection - Get up to speed on Windows 8 in 6 weeks

So its now the summer holidays, well its the perfect time to get skilled up for Windows 8, to do this you will need to be fully prepared. To confirm RTM of Windows 8 has been confirmed for August and General Release for Oct 2012.

So to help you get prepared we have created a 6 week plan for you.The plan is based on a minimum of 10 hours study time per week. The better prepared you are the better you will do with implementing Windows 8 within your curricula or even simply having the discussion with students using Windows 8 next term.

From a Microsoft perspective we have a massive amount of materials to help you prepare and create a very comprehensive application and we provide you with the suite of Tools and Documentation to help you create their very first Metro 8 App.

Additionally we have also made available a large array of Samples, Examples and Templates as well as Video tutorials and blogs. If you follow these you will find the path to releasing your first game or application for Windows 8.

Apps can be written in C#, C++, HTML or even using a new bespoke tool aimed at Designers. The most import thing is to start right now, read and work your way through the plan, install Windows 8 and the Metro SDK and start developing.

So here is the six week plan for Windows 8 development.



Windows 8 RTM is just a week or so away (as soon as next week?) If you've been waiting for RTM, your wait is about over. Now's the time to start getting up to speed and catch this next wave.

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