Sunday, July 15, 2012

Digging WPF Data Binding with the "WPF DataBinding References & Tutorials" wiki article

TechNet Wiki Articles - WPF DataBinding References & Tutorials

Windows Presentation Foundation has a completely redesigned system for binding data to the UI, and can use a variety of binding sources including CLI objects and XML.
WPF DataBinding is one of the most important aspects to WPF, so below is a collection of resources



When I chat about WPF with WinForm dev's, it's not about the wiz-bang, graphics or power of XAML that mention most, it's the data binding. IMHO it's the data binding that is XAML's super power. Its data binding helps us break the chain and code behind curse, allowing us true separation of concerns.

So when I saw this wiki article, I knew I had to grab and share it...

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