Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Free "Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5” 20 page eBook from Telerik

Telerik Blogs - Fresh off the Press – “Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5” Free E-book

Josh and myself have spent quite a lot of time with Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5 and have stumbled across some really awesome gems that we wanted to share with the developer community. So we took these gems and put together an ebook called "Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5”. This ebook contains an overview of the features that we found to be the most helpful and that overall help you as a developer do one thing; save time.

Whether it be actually reducing the amount of code you have to write to achieve a certain functionality, a completely new and easy to implement feature, or a tool that helps you debug faster, it all helps you produce your applications faster and with more accuracy – which is always a good thing if you ask me!

So, what is in this ebook you ask? Well, without ruining the ending (because we all hate spoilers) here’s a quick list of some of the items we cover:

  • JavaScript Intellisense
  • CSS Intellisense
  • ASP.NET and Web API (overview and CRUD operations)
  • Strongly Typed Data Binding
  • Page Inspector (new debugging tool)
  • And others!


Free E-book: Time-Saving VS11 and ASP.NET 4.5 Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Each Visual Studio release is like Christmas for developers around the globe and Visual Studio 2012 is no exception! It’s packed full of awesome features and the new capabilities in ASP.NET 4.5 it brings allow developers to get their job done with even less code! In this e-book we will quickly walk you through the highlights and show you how to use the new features to make your life as a developer easier.

In this E-book you will learn how:

  1. Intellisense help you discover JS and CSS features
  2. WAI Aria makes the web usable by all
  3. HTML5 and CSS3 are available out of the box
  4. WebAPI exposes data via HTTP service
  5. Strongly Typed Data Binding ensures runtime confidence
  6. Request Validation prevents yellow screens of death
  7. Page Inspector puts an end to layout headaches


A nice, short and very vendor neutral (only found one ad, and that on the last page) look at new features in Visual Studio 2012/.Net 4.5 that will likely be appreciated by most VS web dev's out there... And while you've probably seen all these features mentioned before, the presentation of them in this ebook is nice, well thought out and worth a read (I mean it IS free, as in just download it, free)

(via The Morning Brew - The Morning Brew #1138)

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