Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing with Windows Server 2012 in 30 seconds or less... Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs

Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs

Experience the release candidate for Windows Server 2012 firsthand in these virtual labs. You can test drive new and improved features and functionality, including server management and Windows PowerShell, networking, Hyper-V, and new storage solutions.

Getting started

It's simple. No complex setup or installation is required to try Windows Server 2012 running in a full-featured virtual lab. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-minute block of time for each module. Before you start, read the minimum system requirements. Next, select a virtual lab from the list below. Then, you will see an application called "holSystems LaunchPad Online" which will launch the lab.

Virtual labs

Everyone knows by now that Windows Server 2012 will RTM in the first week of August and will GA in October, right? Yep, Windows Server 2012 will likely be available via MSDN/TechNet in a month. In short, now's a good time to really start digging into it and building your upgrade business cases (sigh). Don't have hardware, VM space available or time to install it? Don't worry, Microsoft's got your back with these Virtual Labs. 30 seconds or less and you're playing with Windows Server 2012!


(via It's all about Microsoft Infrastructure... - Technet Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs)

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