Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adding a Windows 8 "All Apps" shortcut to your desktop/taskbar

Help Desk Geek - Create a Desktop Shortcut to All Apps in Windows 8

Windows 8 removed the Start Menu and now if you want to see all the apps that you have installed on your system, you have to go to the Start Screen, right-click and then click on All apps. I personally find this very annoying since previously I could just click on Start and All Programs!


In this article, I’ll show you a method to create a desktop shortcut that will bring you straight to the All apps screen from the desktop and activate the search charm so you can quickly find the app you want to run.

To get started, go to the desktop and right-click and then choose NewShortcut.



I'm not, currently, interested in a Win8 Start Menu replacement, but this, this I like. Using a magic key (like used in the past for a God Mode, which BTW works well on Windows 8 Desktop), you can add a shortcut to the Win8 MUI All App's screen.


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