Monday, September 17, 2012

LINQPad is just for [no, not "breakfast"... ha.. fooled you] LINQ... Using LINQPad to execute code snippets.

Filip Ekberg's Blog - Use LINQPad for more than LINQ

I like to spend time on StackOverflow and contribute by answering as many questions as I have time to. Many of the questions consist of code that doesn’t always work as expected. In these times I find that LINQPad is the perfect tool to use when you want to run the sample code or create smaller samples yourself for your answers.

Don’t be confused by the name!

Just because the name is LINQPad, it doesn’t mean it only does LINQ. Even if evaluating and running expressions is what it does best. LINQPad will allow you to run the following code types:

  • C# Expression
  • C# Statement(s)
  • C# Program
  • VB Expression
  • VB Statement(s)
  • VB Program
  • SQL
  • ESQL
  • F# Expression
  • F# Program

This makes LINQPad really powerful!

Best of all, there’s a free alternative with a little less sugar on it. I recommend buying a license to support this amazing developer tool though and it will give you autocompletion in LINQPad, which makes it even more powerful!

Running C# code

Let us take a look at LINQPad and what it looks like. Here’s what LINQPad looks like when you first start it up, it’s clean and intuitive:



Any day with a LINQPad tip is a good day... :)

(via Jason Haley - Interesting Finds: September 17, 2012)


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