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Visual Studio 2012 Visualization & Modeling SDK RTW's (Think Domain Specific Languages & Architecture Tools SDK)

Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Visualization & Modeling SDK

Domain Specific Languages (DSL Tools) and Architecture Tools SDK for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. This SDK provides tools and templates for building Domain Specific Language designers, extending UML and Layer designers and the build tasks for code indexing. You can build your own graphical or form-based designers for Visual Studio 2012 and extend existing tools.

Version: RTM
Date published: 9/21/2012


VS_VmSdk.exe, 4.1 MB

The Visual Studio 2012 Visualization and Modeling SDK includes

  • MSBuild tasks that allow to index assemblies and PDB files as part of a build or from the command line. The code index is used by the Architecture Diagram but can be used on its own as well.
  • Project templates that help developers create graphical or Form-based (Windows.Forms and WPF) designers hosted in Visual Studio for viewing and editing models for a custom Domain Specific Language.
  • Project templates that help developers create extensions for the Architecture Tools in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate
  • MSBuild tasks that allow you to do generate textual artifact at build time for any use of T4
  • Reference assemblies and IntelliSense documentation for the DSL tools runtime, which ships with Visual Studio 2012
  • A migration tool helping DSL authors who were using the Visual Studio 2010 VsVmSdk SDK to migrate their existing designers to work with Visual Studio 2012
  • Header files containing Command IDs for the graphical designers and the architecture tools (UML designers, Layer designer)

The SDK is not included in the Visual Studio 2012 SDK, but does require it to be installed first. The Visualization and Modeling SDK is installed as an overlay of Visual Studio and the VSSDK. It is a separate install so that it can be updated independently.


Additional information

Microsoft Visual Studio Visualization and Modeling SDK Samples and Documentation is the home page for samples and documentation for the DSL Tools and the Architecture tools extensibility. From it you can access the ReadMe and discover What is new in the Microsoft Visual Studio Visualization & Modeling SDK.

Here's some snaps of the DSL side. First creating a new Project/DSL;







And when done, you get your own DSL! :)


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