Thursday, October 11, 2012

Five (so far) free Windows 8 On-demand video training sessions from Jeffrey Richter & Wintellect

Windows Store Apps Video Series Free from Jeffrey Richter & Wintellect

"Jeffrey Richter and Jeff Prosise have been diligently creating a new Mastering Windows Store Apps course (formerly known as Mastering Windows Metro Apps). Jeffrey Richter and Wintellect are making available course segments for free and the ability for you to audition the course and provide comments, reactions, and discussion.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get access to Wintellect's deep dive approach to technology and a look at premier training. Watch and comment on the newly released segments and check-out the upcoming release calendar. Start preparing for Windows 8 today and get your pressing questions answered by Jeffrey Richter.

View the currently available segments today. Don't miss these videos and many more to come through December. Get up to speed quickly and efficiently and prepare to blaze new trails in the fast-evolving world of Windows development.

..." [GD: Email Mailer Leached in full]

Wintellect - Application Architecture & Language Projections


Free training from a top tier training provider is also something that's hard to say no too (just to find the time... sigh.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI the links at the bottom of that page are all broken...

Greg said...

They work for me... Once I log into my free account, anyway.

nyelvvizsga said...

all works.

Certified scrummaster said...

Sounds nice. Thanks for sharing