Friday, October 19, 2012

More desktops for Windows 8 with Sysinternals Desktops v2.0

Sysinternals Site Discussion - Updates: Coreinfo v3.1, Desktops v2.0, Livekd v5.3, PsPasswd v1.23, Testlimit v5.22, Whois v1.11

"Coreinfo v3.1: ..., fixes a bug affecting the calculation of NUMA node costs and adds support for several more processor features, including RDRAND, LAHF/SAHF, Prefetchw and Intel Speedstep.

Desktops v2.0: Desktops, a virtual desktop utility for Windows that lets you create up to three additional workspaces, is now compatible with Windows 8, properly supporting Winkey hotkey sequences (like Winkey+R to bring up the Run dialog) on alternate desktops and switching back to the primary desktop’s start screen when you hit Winkey.

Livekd v5.3: ... now support Windows 8.

PsPasswd v1.23: ... now includes support for changing domain account passwords.

Testlimit v5.22: ... fixes an output formatting bug that could have it report KB instead of MB.

Whois v1.11: ...bug fixes that could cause it to crash if provided with malformed domain name input strings."

I'm a Windows 8 user. I admit it. I'm also a Windows 8 Desktop dude too. This gives me even more desktops for my Win8. How is than not cool?  :P

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