Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Possibly fake, but...] The unofficial/official [i.e. leaked?] Windows 8 Survival Guide (My favorite are the "Heisenfeature" and 'Heisencandy")

The Register - Microsoft's 'official' Windows 8 Survival Guide leaks

Note: We received this FAQ document anonymously and cannot confirm its authenticity. However, it has such dead useful advice, we thought we'd share it with you - Eds]

Q. Who is this guide for?

A. This guide is for users who want to take advantage of new technologies in Windows® - such as faster performance, shorter boot time, new virtualisation technology, and pooled storage - but wish to minimize the disruption to their personal workflow.

Q. What disruption should I expect in Windows® 8™?

Q. How do I distinguish bugs from features?

Q. How do I minimize context-switching?

Q. What functionality is duplicated?

Q. How can I restore functionality missing in basic helper applications?

[Page 2]

Q. How can I print from Metro applications?

Q. Heisenfeatures and non-deterministic behaviour. Please explain

Q. How do the Heisencandy non-deterministic design elements work?

Q. Is the window title-bar text always black?

Q. How can I prepare my workforce for the new Windows® 8 experience?


I don't know if this is real, satire or a combination of the two, but like the poster said, there's still some interesting information.

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