Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"Introduction to Visual Studio Technologies" Free (Like-ware) eBook from Microsoft and APress

Introduction to Visual Studio Technologies 


While like-ware like this kinds of bugs me (not sure why really, but it does) this looks like a pretty good deal and not just some fluffy marketing-ware PDF. Sure it can't go very deep, but still at 244 pages, it's not some cheese "white-paper" either.


(via Tatworth - Free book from Microsoft - Introduction-to-Visual-Studio-Technologies.pdf)


Tom M said...

Like-ware bugs me as it's the same technique used by facebook scammers to spread their "see this video of..." survey scams.

I expect better of Microsoft - I should be able to choose whether I "Like" something (and that like gets posted on my timeline and to my friends feeds) after I've seen it - not before.

Mike Shepard said...

Here's the direct download link (on

Adam said...

This is a direct link:

I hope it's ok to include, if not then feel free to edit.

I don't use facebook so it was annoying to have to register a fake facebook a/c just to get to the download.