Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Windows 8/Windows Store App Design Worksheet (Print, pencil, create!)

DZone - A Windows 8 App Design Worksheet

Attached is a worksheet that might help you when you’re brainstorming the design of your Windows 8 app.

It encourages the 3-tier navigation structure that’s common with these apps. The grid units are 1 unit (20 pixels). There are rules for the top and left margins (5 units and 6 units respectively) as well as for an app bar (88 pixels) and for snapped view (16 units).

If I modify it, I will replace the attachment here so that you can always come back to this post to download more sheets. It helps to have a few of these printed out and stashed in your computer bag.


When I do my initial design brain storming, I'm old school and really like pencil and paper so I can see something like this coming in real handy. That or when I design our new kitchen... (No! When creating a maze! No, no, no... when mapping a dungeon! That's it! LOL ...) [Sorry, it's been a long week...]

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