Monday, November 12, 2012

Deployment Automation Patterns Refcardz (reg-ware) - "The Essential Deployment Automation Patterns Cheat Sheet"

DZone - Refcardz - Deployment Automation Patterns

The Essential Deployment Automation Patterns Cheat Sheet

Deployment Automation Patterns are generally reusable solutions to common issues within software deployment. This card describes 7 patterns in detail, including sample scripts, tools, pipelines, and more.

Deploying software to a production environment is usually the final step in the product delivery lifecycle. In an ideal world, the deployment is simple, the experience is enjoyable, it works the first time, and we all go to the pub afterwards to celebrate yet another successful production deployment (yay!).


And now back to reality. Quite often, when we do production deployments, it's to fix something that's already broken, or we're releasing a project that's already overdue, or there is simply a great deal of pressure from the business to see the next great piece of functionality go live. The pressure is on, and all eyes are on you. To add to your list of problems, the deployment process is long winded, manually intensive, unreliable, and you've never done it before. You're staring down the barrel of an all-nighter, and you're already on your fifth cup of coffee.

Reality sucks.

But it doesn't have to be that way! With the application of some fairly simple good practices, production deployment can be just a formality. The only pressure you'll have is deciding who's buying the first round.


"Reality Sucks".. Nice and oh so darn true...

Been far too long since I've highlighted a DZone Refcardz and any card that has that statement gets a spot on my blog. :P

Here's some snaps from the PDF;




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