Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aidan's "Beginners Guide To The MVP Summit"

Aidan Finn, IT Pro - A Beginners Guide To The MVP Summit

For the past few years I’ve been sending my “Guide to the MVP Summit” to friends who were newly minted MVPs. This year, I thought I’d share my guide (with hush-hush stuff removed) so everyone could get an idea of what goes on.

What’s an MVP?

What is the MVP Summit?

We get a number of benefits as MVPs but this is the crown jewel. The MVP Summit is a conference, held usually in Microsoft HQ at Redmond and in nearby Bellevue, where MVPs and members of product groups get together for several days. The contents of the conference are under NDA … it’s kind of like Fight Club: the first rule is not to talk about Summit, and the second rule is not to talk about Summit.



I thought this a great write-up for those going to this year's Microsoft MVP Summit. One day, if/when I become a MVP, this might come in handy...

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