Wednesday, January 02, 2013

DPack 3.5.x is out (Think VS2012++ version)

Visual Studio Gallery - DPack

DPack is a FREE collection of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 tools. DPack is designed to greatly increase developer's productivity, automate repetitive processes and expand upon some of Microsoft Visual Studio features.

DPack includes various browser tools that allow the developer to quickly find solution files, types, particular type members, methods or properties for instance, or quickly find and reference standard .NET framework types. DPack includes greatly enhanced numbered bookmarks feature, various code navigation tools as well as streamlined surround with feature, and much more. See screenshots and learn more about individual features using Features menu.

Major features included:

  • Code Browser
  • File Browser
  • Solution Browser
  • Framework Browser
  • Numbered Bookmarks
  • Surround With
  • Code Navigation
  • Solution Statistics
  • Solution Backup

All features support C#, VB, C++ and Ruby In Steel based projects.

DPack - What's New

v3.5.1, January 1, 2013

New Features and Improvements:

  • First Visual Studio 2012 RTM compatible version. Visual Studio 2012 RC and betas are no longer supported.
  • Improved File Browser dialog mode performance for large solutions. If solution file structure doesn't change then File Browser will cache the collected information in memory to be re-used on the next request.
  • Improved browsers performance processing solutions with Setup type projects.
  • Modified Code Browser to differentiate between fields and constants.
  • Added Command Prompt to Solution Explorer context menu item.
  • Reworked Tools|Options dialog to make it easier enable/disable individual features.
  • Chrome/Oxygen language based projects are no longer supported.

As you can see below, I've been following DPack for years now. It's great to see it continue to grow.

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