Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Visualizing TFS Source History with the free TFS Source Control History Visualization extension (with source)

Visual Studio Gallery - TFS Source Control History Visualization

An VS2012 extension to TFS source control history visualization based on Gource tool project. VS Extension created by Alexander Biryukov

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TFS Source Control History Visualization (dynamic & interactive)
(Visual Studio Extension)

How to use:

  1. Install this extension
  2. Open TFS "Source Control Explorer" window
  3. Select source control folder (or file) and click Right button
  4. Select in pop-up menu item "Visualize History (using Gource)"
  5. Enjoy the history visualization :)


That's awesome! Not sure if it's something I'd use often, but that doesn't take away from it's shear coolness! And who said Source Control History wasn't exciting! :)


Gerard said...

Looks great... but it doesn't work for me. The file name has a double backslash in it: "...Extensions\ceyq1ewj.q20\Gource\\data\file.png".

But even if I directly open that file, it's only a sphere-looking circle.

I'm on Windows 8 if that can help.

Greg said...

Best bet would be to post a question on the actual project's page, on the "Q & A" page. That way the extension author can respond, etc...