Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ignite your web dev with the Infragistics Ignite UI learning series by Craig Shoemaker

Infragistics - Get Started Learning Ignite UI Today!

Anytime you approach a new library or set of controls sometimes it’s nice to get a helping hand. In an effort to make it drop-dead simple for you to learn how to get started with Ignite UI, I am announcing the release of Fundamentals of Ignite UI.


This video series will acquaint you with Ignite UI from some of the high level architectural constructs down to the details a control’s API. The first batch of videos in the series includes 15 videos which introduce Ignite UI as a whole and then moves into working with the particulars of the igGrid control.

Ignite UI Introduction

igGrid Introduction

igGrid Interactive Features


I swear Craig must have been reading my mind (which is a scary thought... for him... ;) Just last Friday I was looking at their Ignite UI line and trying to wrap my head around it. How did he know I needed something just like this? Weird.... :P


Craig Shoemaker said...

So does this mean I have to get out of your head now? ;)

Greg Duncan said...

Well yeah! There's barely enough room in there for my multiple personalities, let ALONE yours! :P

Michael Duberstein said...

Where can I download the code for the demos?

Greg Duncan said...

@Michael Duberstein that's a darn good question. If Craig doesn't get back to you on the comment you left on original post let me know and I'll ping him directly...